Privacy Policy

The OIPC uses Matomo Analytics to analyze non-identifiable web traffic data to organize website content based on visitor preferences.

The data is stored on a secure web server in Canada that is hosted by a third party service provider. The collected data will not be shared with any other party for any other purpose.

The OIPC may collect the following information to assist in improving the website:

  • The pages accessed on the site
  • The documents downloaded on the site
  • The date and time of site visits
  • The referring site, if any, through which you arrived at this site
  • Your operating system (for example, Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS)
  • The type of web browser you use (for example, Chrome, Safari or Firefox)

IP addresses are anonymized. The OIPC website may use session cookies which are stored in temporary memory and are not retained after you close the browser session.

This website contains links to other sites. The OIPC is not responsible for the content and privacy policies of other websites.

For more information on the OIPC's website analytics program, please contact the OIPC.

Social Media

The OIPC uses Twitter (@ABoipc) to share information about the office's work and to promote activities that relate to the OIPC's functions.

When the OIPC provides links to external sites, the OIPC is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained on these sites and it does not endorse the sites.

The OIPC follows Twitter accounts that are relevant to the OIPC's work. The OIPC's decision to follow a particular Twitter account does not imply an endorsement of any kind and does not mean that the OIPC supports that account.

The OIPC will reply to tweets, on occasion, but does not tolerate offensive, disrespectful or abusive comments about an individual or organization.

The OIPC does not accept FOIP, HIA, or PIPA requests for review or complaints via social media.

Those who choose to engage in a conversation with the OIPC via social media should be aware that they do so within the public domain. Please do not include personal information in your posts.

Some OIPC staff tweet under their own names as private citizens. Despite their professional affiliation, their tweets or retweets do not represent the official position of the OIPC.

Personal information that you provide to the OIPC through social media is collected, used and disclosed by the OIPC for its mandated purpose: to oversee and enforce the administration of Alberta’s access and privacy legislation, and to educate the public about the laws and access and privacy issues in general.

If you have any questions or comments about the OIPC's use of Twitter, please contact the OIPC.