Other Reports

Other review reports the OIPC has published are included on this page.
ABTraceTogether Privacy Impact Assessment Review ReportJuly 2020The OIPC released a report on its review of the ABTraceTogether contact-tracing application privacy impact assessment (PIA), given the global attention focused on contact-tracing apps during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PIA was submitted by Alberta Health, and endorsed by Alberta Health Services. The OIPC accepted the PIA, with recommendations.
Producing Records to the Commissioner: Restoring Independent and Effective Oversight under the FOIP ActApril 2017This special report was submitted to the Legislative Assembly. It requests that the FOIP Act be amended to give the Commissioner the power to require public bodies to produce records over which solicitor-client privilege and other similar privileges are claimed, when necessary. This amendment is proposed to ensure there is an accessible, affordable and timely way for Albertans to seek review of government and other public bodies’ responses to access requests. The requested amendment will also enhance Albertans’ participation in the democratic process to hold their government to account through an effective access to information regime.
Assessment of Access and Privacy Impacts: OIPC Disclosure of Compensation Information under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency ActJune 2016In preparation for the compensation disclosure requirements under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, the OIPC completed an access impact assessment (AIA), which is based on the OIPC's Access Impact Assessment Guidelines for Proactive Disclosure.
Review of the Government of Alberta's Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses PolicyJune 2015This report presents the findings and recommendations from a review of the Government of Alberta’s “Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Policy” which mandated proactive online disclosure of travel, meal and hospitality expenses claimed by ministers, associate ministers, ministerial political staff, senior officials, deputy ministers and executive managers.
Report on the Government of Alberta's Management of Ministerial EmailsNovember 2011The Commissioner opened an investigation into the Government of Alberta’s management of ministers’ email addresses and emails generally, as records, under FOIP. The use of secondary email addresses came to light following allegations that a former minister had been using a secondary email address to avoid FOIP requests. The former minister was cleared of the allegations. The investigation resulted in six recommendations.
Report on the Use of "Paramount" Clauses in Acts and Regulations to Override the FOIP ActNovember 2011A paramountcy provision states that a provision in law this is paramount trumps the other law when there are two provisions that are in conflict or are inconsistent with each other. This report outlines how a paramountcy provision works, when it should be used, and provides examples of appropriate and inappropriate paramountcy provisions relative to the FOIP Act.
Alberta Registries Privacy AuditApril 1998At the request of the Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Office of the Auditor General conducted an audit of Alberta Registries.