Compensation Disclosure

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires public sector bodies to publicly disclose compensation and severance provided to an employee if it is more than the threshold in a calendar year, as adjusted according to the Act. In addition, other non-monetary employer-paid benefits and pension are required to be reported.

In 2016, the threshold was $126,375. In 2017, the threshold was $127,765. In 2018, the threshold was $129,809. In 2019, the threshold was $132,924. In 2020, the threshold was $135,317. In 2021, the threshold was $136,805.

The statement of remuneration must be published by June 30 each year for remuneration paid in the previous calendar year. The first posting was required by June 30, 2016 (for the 2015 calendar year), and the information is to be posted for a period of five years.

Any questions about the OIPC's compensation disclosure can be directed to Cara-Lynn Stelmack, FOIP Coordinator, by email, phone (780) 422-6860 or toll-free 1-888-878-4044.

Visit the Government of Alberta's website for more information on public sector body compensation disclosure.

*Compensation includes a one-time lump sum payment related to a classification review.
**Compensation adjustments were approved by the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices for Commissioner Jill Clayton on July 24, 2012, July 11, 2013 and September 10, 2014. These adjustments were not processed until June 2016.
***Compensation includes a vacation pay out of $19,213.15.
****Compensation includes a vacation pay out of $31,598.14.

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Ashmore, SharonGeneral Counsel and Director, Legal Services2021$172,996.06$3,743.25$0
Clayton, JillCommissioner2021$257,065.39$48,594.76$0
Gauk, ChristinaDirector, Adjudication2021$170,298.09$5,304.34$0
Harker, JillianLitigation Counsel2021$144,438.61$30,013.74$0
Kreutzer-Work, KimAssistant Commissioner2021$139,539.47$26,965.09$0
Ashmore, SharonGeneral Counsel and Director, Legal Services2020$172,653.65$2,080.36$0
Brower, LeRoyAssistant Commissioner2020$154,757.17$26,838.49$0
Clayton, JillCommissioner2020$258,095.54$61,969.4$0
Gauk, ChristinaDirector, Adjudication2020$170,424.45$27,173.09$0
Harker, JillianLitigation Counsel2020$147,883.12$27,652.95$0
Kreutzer-Work, KimAssistant Commissioner2020$139,394.06$24,595.77$0
Ashmore, SharonGeneral Counsel and Director, Legal Services2019$172,717.52$6,532.34$0
Brower, LeRoyAssistant Commissioner2019$154,611.24$32,767.55$0
Clayton, JillCommissioner2019$253,979.53$53,525.51$0
Gauk, ChristinaDirector, Adjudication2019$172,809.62$38,772.77$0
Harker, JillianLitigation Counsel2019$149,821.21$36,763.04$0
Ashmore, SharonGeneral Counsel and Director, Legal Services2018$172,851.38$8,724.63$0
Brower, LeRoyAssistant Commissioner2018$156,101.01$32,891.35$0
Clayton, JillCommissioner2018$253,491.46$54,129.37$0
Cunningham, Teresa***Adjudicator2018$138,307.97$25,419.09$0
Gauk, ChristinaDirector, Adjudication2018$172,851.38$39,545.86$0
Golab, Mary****Director, Intake and Case Review2018$137,292.55$27,364.64$0
Harker, JillianLitigation Counsel2018$149,183.84$38,220.69$0
Clayton, JillCommissioner2017$253,186.66$54,571.19$0
Ashmore, SharonGeneral Counsel and Director, Legal Services2017$172,887.00$9,371.85$0
Brower, LeRoyAssistant Commissioner2017$156,181.22$33,701.28$0
Gauk, ChristinaDirector, Adjudication2017$172,887.00$40,382.45$0
Cunningham, Teresa*Adjudicator2017$181,178.83$25,971.51$0
Ashmore, SharonGeneral Counsel and Director, Legal Services2016$172,887.00$9,458.43$0
Brower, LeRoyAssistant Commissioner2016$156,181.22$41,698.02$0
Gauk, ChristinaDirector, Adjudication2016$172,887.00$47,899.68$0
Stelmack, Cara-LynnDirector, Mediation and Investigation2016$129,451.18$33,843.45$0
Clayton, Jill**Commissioner2016$381,404.51$93,901.29$0