New Privacy Law a Positive Step for Alberta Business and Consumers

May 14, 2003

Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Frank Work, is welcoming the introduction of Bill 44: the Personal Information Protection Act. Work says the new legislation will enhance Alberta’s competitive edge in the information, communication and technology sector in an increasingly competitive global market, while balancing the access and privacy needs of Albertans.

“Ensuring proper collection, use and disclosure of employee and customer information is a good business practice,” says Work. “A number of recent surveys and polls have indicated that Albertans want their personal information protected and safeguarded in the private sector,” he adds.

Work commends the government for its work in forging a consensus on a complex matter. The bill is worthy of support. The Commissioner would have liked the “non-profit” sector to have been fully included in the law.

The Personal Information Protection Act was introduced in the Legislature yesterday and will govern the collection, use, and disclosure of employee and consumer information in the private sector.