Commissioner Welcomes Launch of MyHealthAlberta

May 4, 2011

Information and Privacy Commissioner Frank Work welcomes the launch of MyHealthAlberta, Alberta’s personal health portal.

Phase one of the portal will allow Albertans to access trusted information on health topics. The second phase of the portal, which is expected to launch next year, will allow Albertans to store their own health information. Eventually, MyHealthAlberta is expected to allow Albertans to securely access their health information stored in the Alberta electronic health record.

The Commissioner says this is an important step that will permit Albertans to more fully participate in their health care. “The personal health portal, when complete, will support a patient’s fundamental right to access their own health information. Patients who are given access to their health information along with trusted health resources will be able to make informed decisions about their care and treatment.”

Work says any phase of the personal health portal project that involves individually identifiable health information will require a privacy impact assessment. Work has not received a PIA on this phase of MyHealthAlberta as it does not involve the exchange of identifiable health information. “I fully anticipate that Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta Health Services will be providing my office with a PIA outlining the measures in place to protect health information before the system stores or provides access to information about identifiable individuals. This is evolving technology being deployed for the first time in Canada’s health sector; my office is prepared to work closely with AHW and AHS to ensure that health information is protected prior to the launch of the next phase of the portal.”