Information and Privacy Commissioner Appoints Assistant Commissioner and Announces Structural Changes

November 15, 2007

Information and Privacy Commissioner Frank Work has announced the appointment of Marylin Mun as Assistant Commissioner, Access to Information. Ms. Mun is currently the Director of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), and has been with the office since 1996.

The Commissioner says that the new position will focus on access to information. “The Assistant Commissioner will help me address access to information issues and will work with public bodies at all levels to identify problems and issues and generally facilitate compliance with the law”.

Work also announced changes to improve efficiency in the OIPC. “We are aware that we are not getting orders out as quickly as we should be. I have appointed three Adjudicators to independently hear and decide cases under all three statutes.

Christina Gauk is the Director of Adjudication, Teresa Cunningham and Wade Riordan Raaflaub are the other two adjudicators. These are highly qualified individuals whose skill and judgment will help us reduce our backlog of cases. We will continue to monitor progress and we will take further steps as needed.”