Olson Curling Inc.

The Organization uses a third party service provider for document shredding and destruction services. On April 24, 2020, thieves broke into and stole the service provider?s truck, which contained the Organization?s files. The truck was recovered the same day. Some of the material that was in the truck was discarded and found in an alley in a new construction area not far from where the truck was stolen. Material was recovered from that location and the area checked to ensure nothing remained. The service provider informed the Organization that it is confident most of the Organization?s documents/files were recovered. The service provider destroyed the found boxes upon retrieval of the stolen truck. The service provider advised that the police speculate the truck may have been stolen to use in the theft of goods and the contents of the truck were discarded for that purpose.

? The Organization was informed of the incident on April 27, 2020 by the service provider, as well as another party whose information was also in the truck, and the police.

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