C.L.C. Donald Wellness Group o/a Forward Psychology and Wellness Group

On or around November 23, 2018, a laptop computer and other items were stolen from a vehicle belonging to the owner of the organization. The laptop was password protected; there was no encryption or other security measures. An email account was accessible via the laptop and did not require a password in order to gain access. The email account contained communications with the information at issue. The Organization initially reported that it believed the thieves had accessed the laptop and email account and forwarded an email transfer of funds to an unauthorized account, successfully diverting funds. The Organization subsequently reported that it believes a personal chequebook was stolen and the thieves attempted to open bank accounts, sometimes successfully. However, ?There is no evidence that any of the personal information of clients or other individuals who inquired about services has been affected by these activities.? On December 4, 2018, the Edmonton Police Department was able to recover some items that were stolen, including a void cheque from a client of the organization. The laptop computer was not recovered.

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