Hilton Worldwide Inc.

On March 17, 2017, an employee with the Organization emailed an Excel spreadsheet containing employee payroll information from his/her corporate email account to his/her own personal email account. The employee had earlier been informed that, due to a workplace reorganization, he/she would be subject to a lay off, with employment ending in April 2017. The Organization discovered the incident on April 10, 2017 when a manager reviewed the now former employee?s email account for any documentation left behind. The Organization reported it ?does not believe that there was a purposeful attempt to misuse the personal information? and the employee?s ?initial response to [the Organization?] investigation into this matter has been positive.? The Organization reported the now former employee ?has readily agreed to allow ? forensic IT professionals to review [his/her] home computer?, however, the Organization reported it has been unable to arrange this review.

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