In December 2013, an employee of the Organization transferred branches. Payroll then misdirected his next three paystubs to the employee?s former branch. In November 2014, a clerical employee was cleaning an office in the former branch and found three window
envelopes. The employee claimed that these were sealed. She placed them in a larger sealed envelope and sent them to the branch manager to be re-directed to the employee. The recipient employee opened the envelope and found three opened paystubs. It is not clear whether the paystubs were opened prior to placing them in the larger envelope or whether they were opened afterwards and the larger envelope later re-sealed. It would have been clear to anyone that the windowed envelopes contained paystubs and who they were for. The Organization conducted an investigation and received conflicting accounts from staff as to who may have opened the paystubs. The Organization believed that someone must have been lying. It was unable to determine the identity of the person who opened the envelope.

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