Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

On June 17, 2011, an applicant for term life insurance with the Organization provided health information on a paramedical form. The health information was collected by a service provider for the Organization. The health professional usually sends completed paramedical forms to the service provider?s office through Canada Post, but because there was a postal strike at that time, the service provider had instructed its health professionals to use couriers. The health professional put the applicant?s paramedical form in a courier package that was clearly labelled and appropriately addressed to the service provider?s office. The courier did not identify the package destination correctly through the waybill, and instead shipped it to the lab based upon a visual identification of the package. The courier was able to confirm the package had been directed to one of the labs used by the insurance medical services company, but was unable to locate any confirmation of delivery to the lab. The lab has an imaging system to track all incoming packages, and upon review, it was unable to find any evidence that the package had been delivered to the lab.

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