Investigation Finds That a Pharmacy and a Pharmacist Contravened the Health Information Act

December 4, 2002

Frank Work, Q.C., Information and Privacy Commissioner, publicly released an Investigation Report concerning the improper disclosure of a client’s detailed prescription drug history and the lack of safeguards to protect her privacy.

The Commissioner’s Office determined that the Medicine Shoppe at #312, 401 – 9th Avenue, Calgary, and one of its pharmacists, were required to obtain the individual’s consent before they provided a computer printout of a client’s prescription history to her estranged husband.

The Office also determined that the pharmacy and the pharmacist did not maintain administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality of health information and the privacy of its clients, as required by the HIA.

The pharmacy and the pharmacist have accepted the recommendation that they develop a comprehensive plan for implementing the HIA and that they develop and adopt policies and procedures that reflect the provisions and requirements of the HIA. Documents are to be submitted to the Commissioner’s Office within 90 days.