Alberta Justice and Attorney General Agrees That Employee Credit Checks Should Not Have Been Performed

December 1, 2010

Commissioner Frank Work received twenty-five complaints from employees with the Maintenance Enforcement Program of Alberta Justice and Attorney General. The Complainants said their employer violated their privacy by conducting a credit check on them without their knowledge or consent.

The credit checks had been conducted as part of an internal investigation into allegations about fraudulent cheques being cashed at various locations.

The Commissioner authorized an investigation into this matter. The investigation determined that Alberta Justice and Attorney General did contravene the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) when it obtained the credit reports on the Complainants.

Alberta Justice and Attorney General agreed with the Commissioner’s Office that the credit checks should not have been performed, and has taken steps to address the issues and to prevent a similar recurrence.

Alberta Justice and Attorney General said they have accepted the recommendations and findings set out in the investigation report.