Investigator Finds EPS members Used Personal Information in Contravention of the FOIP Act

April 27, 2005

It was alleged that members of the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) inappropriately used the service’s information systems and the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) in relation to two individuals for an improper purpose.

In response to these allegations, Commissioner Frank Work initiated his own investigation under section 53(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act).

The Commissioner’s investigation, which relied on internal police investigations, concluded that members of the EPS did use personal information as contained in the EPS information systems in contravention of Part 2 of the FOIP Act and recommended the following action be taken by the EPS:

  1. That EPS reminds its members, both sworn and civilian members, of their obligations under the FOIP Act and EPS policy.
  2. That disciplinary action is taken against the EPS members who used personal information in contravention of section 39(1) of the FOIP Act.
  3. That EPS conduct spot audits on its information systems to ensure that information on the systems is used for the purpose for which it is collected and not for personal use.

“Law enforcement databases like CPIC are powerful tools,” said Commissioner Work. “The public has every right to trust that the police will only use them for law enforcement purposes,” he added.

As the EPS is addressing this matter by taking disciplinary actions against those involved, no further action is warranted by this Office and this case is now closed.