Information and Privacy Commissioner Publicly Releases Investigation Report F2002-IR-004 Dealing with Privacy Complaints

July 26, 2002

Frank Work, Q.C., Information and Privacy Commissioner, publicly released an investigation report regarding certain individuals from the Peavine Metis Settlements (the Complainants). The Complainants alleged that their privacy had been violated as a result of a report issued jointly by the Metis Settlement Transition Commission and Alberta Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.

The Investigator found that the Metis Settlements Transition Commissioner, appointed under section 171 of the Metis Settlement Act by the public body violated part 2 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act dealing with protection and disclosure of personal information.

The Investigator also advised that any Commission or agency appointed by the public body to review in advance any report that is considered for public release to determine if there are any FOIP implications to its release.