Judicial Reviews - F2013-53

April 14, 2016
Court Level: Court of Appeal / Court of Queen's Bench
Style of cause: Edmonton (City) v. Alberta (Information and Privacy Commissioner) / Edmonton (City) v. Alberta (Information and Privacy Commissioner)
Registry No.: 1503 0125 AC (Edmonton) / 1403 02153 (Edmonton)
Justice: Slatter, J.A., McDonald, J.A. & Bielby, J.A. / Renke, J.
Date of Decision/Discontinuation: April 14, 2016
Neutral citation: 2016 ABCA 110 / 2015 ABQB 246
Status/Outcome: Order upheld in part and set aside in part. The Adjudicator's decisions on the scope of the term "personal information", the resulting payment of fees, and the need for further particulars about the application of section 17 were upheld. A portion of the Adjudicator's decision was set aside (section 10 of the FOIP Act). / Order upheld