Judicial Reviews - F2007-28

September 11, 2011
Court Level: Court of Appeal / Court of Queen's Bench
Style of cause: Edmonton Police Service v. Information and Privacy Commissioner and David A. Cassels / Edmonton Police Service v. Alberta (Information and Privacy Commissioner)
Registry No.: 1003 0131 AC (Edmonton) / 0803 04051 (Edmonton)
Justice: N/A / Nielson, J.
Date of Decision/Discontinuation: September 11, 2011
Neutral citation: 2009 ABQB 268
Status/Outcome: Consent judgment discontinuing the appeal and negating the requirement for reconsideration / The Commissioner did not lose jurisdiction to issue Order F2007-028 (2009 ABQB 268). Order confirmed, except for that part directing a search of back up records, which was set aside and remitted to the Commissioner for reconsideration (2009 ABQB 593).