Commissioner Responds to Government of Alberta’s Contact Tracing App Announcement

April 23, 2020

Information and Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton has issued the following statement in response to the Government of Alberta’s announcement about its contact tracing application:

Earlier this month, my office was provided a high-level overview about the goals of this program. I have not received detailed information. The Government of Alberta has committed to providing a privacy impact assessment on this initiative, and we look forward to reviewing it when it is received.

As this app is rolled out, it will be important for the Government of Alberta to provide Albertans with a clear, easy to understand description of privacy practices. Knowing in plain language what types of personal information may be collected, how that information will be used and in what circumstances it will be disclosed will assist people in choosing to opt-in to using the app.

Outlining what if any information is retained, for how long it is retained, and stating when this program will end will also help build the public’s trust in using the app.