Becoming a Leader in Access and Privacy

August 1, 2013

Commissioner Jill Clayton has publicly released the two submissions that her Office made to the Alberta Government’s review of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act).

In Becoming a Leader in Access and Privacy, Commissioner Clayton sets out ideas, suggestions and recommendations to help Alberta become a leading example to other jurisdictions in access and privacy legislation.

The second submission, Making the FOIP Act Clear, User-Friendly & Practical, provides comments and recommendations relating to technical aspects of the FOIP Act.

The Commissioner commends the Government for engaging the public and stakeholders in this review through public meetings in several cities and an online discussion guide, saying “I believe the review provides an opportunity to ensure that Alberta has strong legislation that supports and protects the access and privacy rights of Albertans, particularly in today’s environment of increasing demand for open government and open data, greater reliance on technology, and information flowing across sectors and borders”.

The Commissioner hopes that her Office will be consulted during the next phases of the review and be given the opportunity to comment on any proposed amendments to the legislation. “The FOIP Act is complex and any changes, even seemingly minor changes, may result in unintended consequences,” says Commissioner Clayton. “I believe my Office can provide valuable input regarding the impact of any proposed changes.”