Investigation Concludes Alberta Transportation Properly Performed Its Duty to Assist an Applicant

January 4, 2002

Frank Work, Acting Information and Privacy Commissioner, publicly released an investigation report into a complaint about Alberta Transportation (the Public Body).

The complaint alleged that Alberta Transportation had failed to live up to its duty to assist the Applicant and that Commissioner’s Order # 98-005 had not been complied with. In addition, there were allegations that records had been purposely withheld and that the Applicant had been lied to or misled by Alberta Transportation. During the course of the investigation, the Applicant also alleged that a manager with Alberta Transportation had sworn a false Statutory Declaration.

The investigation concluded that Alberta Transportation had properly performed its duty to assist the Applicant and that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with any charges under the offence section (section 86) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.